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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Free Download Metal Slug 7 PC Game | 39.39Mb

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Metal Slug 7 - Might as well admit this before I go any further. I'm not very good at the game Metal Slug. I died a lot, try again a lot, and I continue to use sequentially. Regardless, I still enjoy playing titles, and enjoyed my time with almost all the leading precursor to this effort. However, I will say this love was not immediately brought to the series Metal Slug 7. In fact, soon after the first time I ran out of continues (mission 2 on normal - see I told you I suck), I turned off my DS and pocketed it for some time, because the game seems to be lacking that special feeling normally.
If you have not played a Metal Slug game ever, which is a remarkable achievement in itself considering this version is available almost everywhere, it is best described as a twitch run and gun shooter - one in which the reaction speed is king. You almost always die if you come in contact with a bullet or other projectile, unless you were on board one of the many vehicles in the game, which is available at almost every level. When in one, life bars appear, which will get worse when you take hits, before you signal to jump out when it will explode.
In this situation, the game throws a bucket load of real enemies in your way during the mission, and it is up to you, and you alone, to bring them down. You do this by addressing them head-on with a weapon of your choice, which can be enhanced with temporal nabbing pick-up at each level, and moves with lightspeed reaction to avoid anything they throw your way.
As usual, there's a story there too, which will go to the head of most people. This time it's all about a guy named General Morden, mixed with a bit of time traveling, along with the kind of thing that looks like a Stargate was ripped straight from the TV show of the same name. The zaniness story does not matter though, because you come to the Metal Slug for the gameplay, not for a very good story to explain.

So, talking about the best gameplay later. In a move to DS 15-year-old formula has not changed much. Core gameplay remains the same, with the only unique feature of the DS touch screen to be implemented, which is used sparingly as a map. Initially, the inclusion of maps in the game where you are constantly moving towards a single may seem silly, but the realization is used to find the prisoners hidden from the screen, it was a nice, although the addition is still somewhat half-hearted.

Moreover, the rest of the game is very familiar. The set of characters in the show were taken directly from Metal Slug 6, with Marco, Tarma, Fio, Eri, Ralf, and Clark return for another go. Each character has their own strengths that fans of the series will use to their advantage. For example, weapons Marco started will always have twice the usual strength of character other weapons, and Eri will have an extra grenade when starting level. There is no co-op in the show at all this time, so you have to brave through the mission with only one character of your choice all by your lonesome.

It should be noted that the mission in the event, that is 7, which does not look as clean as some games in the past, but they are still clearly above only becomes useful. Almost all of them are good to see visually, but nothing stood out as very unique in terms of gameplay, which is something we've grown to expect from the series in the past.

Regardless of the final boss, almost every boss encounter is not all that impressive. Beautiful animation also toned down this time, with no intrinsic character brag a little touch other titles have. Furthermore, disruption framerate and other technical issues arise at points throughout the game, which further undermines it.

All in all, MS7 course title Metal Slug in the liver, although it seems to lack some of the charm of the core which is owned by the other entries in the series. Currently I have no real desire to want to get back into the game, even though I just finished it for the first time a few hours before writing this. Instead, I was happy to repeat a lot of the older games in the years after their initial release of the series, so it really points to something wrong this time.

Nevertheless, what we have ended up with is still very playable version of Metal Slug on the DS, and regardless of the measures in accordance hardware, the end result is not all that bad. You can not help but wish for more, though for every game truly special for the eighth iteration is a very big ask.




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Free Download Metal Slug 7 PC Game | 39.39Mb

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